*This film is not yet rated and contains some adult content. Recommended for mature audiences.

HWIC Filmworks is proud to present The Quiet Arrangement, the debut film from award-winning filmmaker David C. Snyder!

David C. Snyder is an accomplished short film and video director who has created over 100 music videos. He has worked with such legendary artists as Public Enemy, MC Lyte, Flavor Flav, DMC of RUN-DMC fame, Z-Trip, Zakk Wylde, Trina, and many others.  His latest music video is the YouTube sensation “Say it Like it Really Is” for Public Enemy.

It comes as no surprise that David C. Snyder enters the feature film industry not only running, but with both guns blazing --

"The inspiration for The Quiet Arrangement comes from such groundbreaking filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino, David Mamet, The Coen Brothers, and Michael Mann. I promised myself that I would follow in the footsteps of those legendary filmmakers, and The Quiet Arrangement is my first step to fulfilling that promise."

Chuck D, Public Enemy’s front man and legendary hip hop icon, makes a rare screen appearance in The Quiet Arrangement and sums up the industry-wide excitement for David C. Snyder’s much anticipated venture into feature film:

“David Snyder is, to me, one of the most innovative, hardest-working men in the film business. When I was asked by (David) to be in the movie I jumped at the chance.”

David C. Snyder’s foray into feature film also enticed the talents of up and coming character actors Kyle Jason (Dirty Shield, City Teacher) and Rob Stone (Endgame).

Critics and fans alike have hailed The Quiet Arrangement for its “stunning visuals” and its unique spin on the crime film genre. Jen Johans of Film Intuition says,

"...Snyder was definitely brave in his decision to try and present what could've been an ordinary situation in an unorthodox way...".

The DVD for The Quiet Arrangement is loaded with Special Features and additional content that highlight features beyond the film itself.